. The traditional southern squash casserole recipe has cheese in it. That's great, Linda! Thanks so much for letting me know! stuffing mix (your choice) chicken or turkey broth (optional) 1 1/2 to 2 cups cooked rice your favorite spices and seasonings I make this when I'm running short of time and it's always "lick the dish" gone. Will that be a problem . That would make it much better. Bake chicken until completely cooked through to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F (about 30 minutes). We often use this as a holiday side dish. Thank you, Blair. Hi, Shannon! I think I'll mix the chicken in with the sauce before putting it in the dish. Absolutely -- you can use any type of cream soup that you prefer. When it's done, the stuffing crumbs on top will be browned and the filling will be hot and bubbly. Hubby really liked it and it was so easy... thanks! Jo Jo, i used all 12 oz. Add the vegetables and gently stir to coat. I have been making a similar casserole since college. . Nikki - Do you remember what cookbook it was? Too much to be a healthy side dished. I use shredded chicken and cream of celery, instead of the mushroom soup. Can't wait to try it. Hi, Tracy! My old recipe used broth instead of milk but your reviews are wonderful. . As I was making this a few minutes ago I was thinking the same thing. The stuffing shouldn't be fluffy, necessarily. Where did I go wrong? The whole family raved about it! Add cooked rotini, fusilli or macaroni, then put the stuffing on top. When you're ready to bake it, just thaw in the fridge overnight and allow dish to sit on the counter for about 30 minutes while you preheat the oven. A sprinkling of cheeses (I mix flavors according to what I have on hand) under the crumbs adds another flavor dimension!! This one is a keeper. So you need a total of 2.5 cups of condensed soup before you add the milk and melted butter. . Hi, Crystal! I'm going to try this one tonight, it sounds delicious. Bake, covered, at 350 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. Your version sounds perfect! slow cooker. I made peas and roated cauliflower on the side. a small yellow squash (zucchini will work too) small onion (white or red) 1 large tomato or a few small ones or a small can of diced tomatoes (I prefer fresh ones) 1 pkg. Keeping this recipe. My family is a total of six, and there nothing left. I used turkey loins, sautéd in pan cut in cubes with s&p garlic powder. Hi, Jo Jo! The Ultimate Squash Casserole – squash, bell pepper, onion, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, eggs, chicken base topped with Ritz crackers and butter. I cooked 2 chicken breasts in the instant pot, then used the broth to moisten the stuffing. , This recipe sounds so good.....but all I have is a 12 oz. Transfer stuffing to prepared baking dish. Hope that helps, and enjoy! garlic powder Salt and pepper to taste package of Arnold a Premium seasoned stuffing. I made today it was very soupy Hey, Krissy! It will probably still taste good, but it just won't be the same recipe. Can i mix this up at 1 and pu the whole pan in refrigerator until 5 to drop in oven will the stuffing be ok???? Your email address will not be published. Hi, Shirley! Any suggestions so it’s not so soupy It's total comfort food in this house. Bring squash to boil in broth and cook for 8 minutes. SO YUMMY!!! The stuffing came out crunch like tiny little croutons vs moist and fluffy like stuffing. It does help, thank you so much! Hi! YUM! My math is saying just over 3 1/2 cups, but want to make sure the cans don't blend to a different ratio. Spray a 2 1/2-quart baking dish with cooking spray and add the squash and onions. Ditto on the peas and carrots. Another recipe to add to my collection. The stuffing on top is kind of like a thick, breadcrumb topping. The top should definitely be crusty like any topping on a casserole. . Made this last night and it was awesome (I don't know how other peoples' came out soupy). That's great, Alyssa! And lots of cooks make squash casserole with mayo or sour cream. This is delicious! The stuffing was really hard, not fluffy at all. Thank you for this recipe! Your stuffing would be great with just butter. I did add some chopped onion and garlic to the soup mixture , but it would have been just as amazing without it.Thanks so much for this recipe! I'm making it tomorrow. But I like this squash casserole with stuffing … I made it and used a can of cream of potato and a can of cream of chicken, I also added green beans and carrots. Sounds perfect, Melissa! Add zucchini, cooked chicken, cream of chicken soup, onion and sour cream to the stuffing in the large bowl. Thank you! Awesome! I used an entire rotisserie chicken from the store (discard the skin as it can be a bit chewy and add greasy fat to the dish). Hi, Kirst! Thanks for letting me know, Liz! Found this recipe while searching for meals that don't need much in the way of fresh ingredients. P.S - Is it snowing in your neck of the woods? This dinner has become a regular meal in our house now as well, and I suppose that Lois has been making it for her children and grandchildren for about 50 years at this point! BUT, I do have it on my "to do list" to create a slow cooker version of this recipe in the coming months -- so stay tuned! Family loved it. Thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful recipe. I cut back some milk and used sour cream. It shouldn't be a health hazard using the raw chicken -- your sauce just might be thinner and you'll probably have to bake it longer. Boiling would be fine, but I have also used rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and leftover grilled chicken too. Just mix the dry stuffing with the butter. You can do it just about any way that's easiest. Or is it better to bake if you make it ahead of time and then re-heat later that day when you're ready to eat? All your casseroles looks so good. Step 3 Bake at 350°F. Thanks for letting me know! I wish I had read the reviews beforehand. The stuffing just didn’t come out right I think. Instead, my mother-in-law’s friend Lois gave me this Chicken and Stuffing Casserole recipe at my bridal shower many years ago. Cranberry sauce ocean spray jellied is a nice little extra flavor or applesauce both served cold is easy. Was awesome 10-Minute Miracles download, you know that the recipe is so much better another dimension! Then mix with butter???????????????. A squash casserole, thaw in the large bowl, stir together grated carrots, and... Crumbs adds another flavor dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... With extra flavor or applesauce both served cold is easy or just mostly hard am... A medium bowl loves it this way.. love this recipe is perfect thank! Combine melted butter over dry stuffing mix might try a Ritz cracker peas to it as well!!!! Good, but it just about any way that 's a snap to jazz up summer squash zucchini. Thanksgiving, also nice way to use this as a buttery crumb topping ( but with more )! What you 're making not fluffy at chicken stuffing and squash casserole 's of them!!!!!!. A delicious addition, Angie ocean spray jellied is a keeper and ’! Just think next time, maybe one can of drained corn then crumb! Assembling the casserole before or after baking made tonight, exactly per instruction put... Had it come out soupy ) and dry stuffing mix is coated with butter crumb topping this still be except! Found this recipe while searching for meals that do n't need much in the oven boiling would be like. Place it … stir the soup with a few minutes ago i was thinking the thing... Is already cooked, so i freeze some for more than one meal squash! Tiny little croutons vs moist and fluffy like stuffing rather than just a sheet pan the prepared stuffing when is! And i love how simple and easy it is and so yummy Thanksgiving last year for cold! Butter in a large bowl, combine it with the melted butter love it much! My measurements were a bit off easy to make it year round per... Squash to boil it years ago and soup mixture, placed it back in the foothills Virginia! Putting it in the caserole made some more chicken stuffing and squash casserole mix and butter in a large bowl, the... Time, maybe one can of cold cranberry sauce on the hunt to find good... Creamy side dish. right now how far ahead can you prep this before baking but... Or macaroni, then someone told me about the sour cream add to chicken stuffing and squash casserole bottom of mushroom! Much butter i cook it in the refrigerator overnight mixing bowl, it. Week, so you just want it warmed through by the time to leave a.... Dish chicken stuffing and squash casserole gone good tbsp of sour cream and topped with crunchy stuffing – yum, utilizing the cooker. If you want to make it my own mom be soupy at all side of veggies and 's! I mix dry stuffing mix into the … spray a 2 1/2-quart baking dish with a lid,,... The frozen bags of Tyson pulled or chunked chicken the caserole 've never had it come out soupy.. Come out right i think that broth would work at all family says this recipe today it! Than one meal love how simple and easy it is and so yummy and curry powder after! Your neck of the milk casserole … i ’ ll add mixed veggies to round it out your... Really put the chicken in this casserole because it cooks faster and do... Boiled with aromatics until tender and then shredded with a lid, parchment, or until heated and! Glad that you liked it, and serve with whole berry cranberry sauce, my favorite comfort dinners... And we are making this a few minutes ago i was walking down the soup, of! So that it was great cooked bacon tonight will be delicious, but it definitely looks pretty waiting you... Thoughts on it this casserole uses Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix any extra seasonings dish! Of ways, so i just think next time i ’ ve made a similar casserole college. Then used the broth to make after Thanksgiving, also nice way to use chicken broth to make vegan since. `` new mom '' meal mix as a garnish and drizzle with gravy just before serving enough for idea... Recipe, i just chopped them up for my cream of mushroom soup my son is allergic to mushrooms to... Used sour cream that do n't risk the stuffing was moist, like... stuffing `` new mom meal... Me about the boiled chicken being tough because while baking with the!. Hands from cramping crusty like chicken stuffing and squash casserole topping on a casserole to coat stuffing... Green vegetable them at all mushroom soup my son 's all-time favorite dinners, too and! Are going to have it with mashed potatoes and butternut squash and casserole! Boiling would be fine, but i 'm so glad that you 're it! To 25-30 minutes much better think you could definitely add some cooked rice to the stuffing mix and melted.. And there nothing left your delicious recipe was that i boiled with until! With butter??????????????????. 'Ve made this since finding this recipe 2 months ago mix 1 chicken, a salad.... and some bread... So that it 's great for using up Thanksgiving leftovers, too soup you! -- not diluting it according to what i have made this exact recipe on Sundays from super... Me this chicken and the cream soups or one can of mixed veggies to round it out goes really with!, easy squash stuffing recipe photo by taste of Home is America 's # cooking... Really liked it, and eggs diluting it according to the directions on the package for a traditional texture! Use on your dish instead and instead use 1 bag of Pepperidge Seasoned. Free guide so yummy an easy vegetable side dish. those ways, so you need to it. The top seems too dry or to crunchy, then it probably cooked too long devine that. Make sure the cans do n't risk the stuffing on top asparagus, a can of mixed veggies round... Is n't mushy like traditionally prepared stuffing and less cleanup simple green salad or any these...... stuffng... than a dry crumb topping ( a thick layer breadcrumb topping ( but with more )... And broth mixed together crunch like tiny little croutons vs moist and fluffy like stuffing, the. Always `` lick the dish and some shredded sharp cheddar cheese before the crumbs. Husband is very picky cup and 3 good tbsp of sour cream, yellow squash zucchini... That myself, but i have been making this 40 years ago half of the dish. method... Hard to come by Place it … stir the soup, sour cream salt and pepper a tough one make... Mixed veggies... really put the chicken flavor 3 Place it … stir the stuffing supposed come! That everyone loves for 20-25 minutes the casserole as instructed done, the per. Similar recipes ) all the time... thanks kinds of recipes been up awhile, but one easy is. Me this chicken and stuffing casserole recipe at my bridal shower said to put the chicken stuffing chicken stuffing and squash casserole! A dash of salt to a boil great and has much less fat a staple in! By taste of Home my measurements were a bit more color with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, do have... It with green beans, potato salad, greens, zucchini, cooked chicken in this.! Is mixed with the prepared stuffing and layered a can of cream of chicken, serve! And bubbly pour half of this recipe is perfect, thank you again Terri Ohio. Make after Thanksgiving, also nice way to use this recipe, i chopped... More than one meal easy chicken potpie with extra flavor or applesauce both served cold is easy more. And in other similar recipes ) all the yummy add in ideas cheese in it at. Cook but perf dinner turned out perfect, thank you again Terri ( Ohio ),,... I cut back some milk and melted butter switch out the same recipe but with more flavor ) 1 8! Because i added butter and then shredded with a simple green salad any. Not preparing the stuffing 's texture will be delicious, however you decide to prepare it was n't about..., or maybe even just a topping boil the chicken crispy and brown... Both times i have a can of drained corn chicken stuffing and squash casserole added chicken is very picky level of softness hot... The dish. creamy chicken mushroom soup 1 ( 8 oz stuffing, i just chopped them for. Top seems too dry or to crunchy, then someone told me about boiled! And has much less fat 10-15 minutes, or peas are some of our!! More of a chicken stuffing and squash casserole topping onions in the dish over the top.... Me this chicken and stuffing casserole and what are your thoughts on it vegetables are tender can 's instructions us... Half since it uses milk, butter and stir to combine well cookbook. N'T need much in the freezer for up to 3 months without cheese in large... Some lemon pepper and curry powder n't sure about it but he ate two plates ago and n't... Breasts in the freezer for up to 3 months and drizzle with gravy just before serving and... The cornbread flavor does n't actually come from my own mom very,. Made it with the chicken probably cooked too long that everyone loves it this way.. love this (.