Typhoon = Mach 2.35; Minimum Speed: Rafale = 148 km/h; Typhoon = 203 km/h; Service Ceiling: Rafale = 15.240 km; Typhoon = 16.765 km; Rate of Climb: Rafale = 250 m/s; Typhoon = 315 m/s; Ferry Range: Rafale = 3750 km; Typhoon = 3790 km; Maximum payload: Rafale = 9600 kg; Typhoon = 7500 kg; Thrust to weight ratio: Maximum: Rafale = 1.50, Typhoon = 1.76; Nominal: Rafale = 1.03, Typhoon = 1.21; Minimum: Rafale = 0.62, Typhoon = 0.82; Wing loading: Minimum: Rafale = 224 kg/m², Typhoon … BY CONFLICT. A Lightning pilot’s guide to flying and fighting here. In terms of weaponry, the Rafale is severely limited at long ranges in the air-to-air arena by having to rely entirely on the MICA which is not credible beyond 20km due to being essentially a short range missile adapted for short-mid range work. The Rafale deal cost India €7.1 billion for 36 jets, which translates to €197 million per jet. An RAF Typhoon instructor told me last year that ‘one of the biggest difficulties for pilots from a [Tornado] GR.4 or F.3 background in adjusting to Typhoon is how to best manage the awesomeness’. After the US (F-16 & F-18), Swedish (Gripen) and Russian (MiG35) firms were ejected from the bidding process, the IAF zeroed in on Europeans’ Eurofighter Typhoon and French Dassault’s Rafale. To date, there are two customers – the Swedish Air Force – 60 aircraft (with an option for another 10) and the Brazilian Air Force -36 aircraft. Equally, Typhoon has the edge in the air-superiority role due to its superior high altitude performance and thrust to weight ratio, as well as long-range armament. Welcome to part 3 of Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon .The most “main caliber” of all three aircraft is cruise missiles (KR). Rewards levels include these packs of specially produced trump cards. MANUFACTURERS. Too few RAF aircraft to make a difference in Syria? The Typhoon’s PIRATE IRST is far and away the most capable fighter-mounted system in operation anywhere in the world. MANUFACTURERS. Rafale currently has the edge over Typhoon in terms of ground-attack versatility, radar modernisation and manoeuvrability at high-loads. Reduced observability to radar was considered during Rafale’s design. Rafale’s sensor fusion in terms of a common picture presented to the pilot is currently slightly ahead of Typhoon although the P3E upgrade being trialled at BAE Warton will close this gap to a significant extent. Rafale vs Gripen vs Eurofighter Typhoon HOME. Pre-order your copy now right here. F-35 vs Rafale Quick Look table . F-35 vs Rafale – Detailed comparison. COUNTRIES. In recce terms, Rafale currently has the edge as the world-beating DB110 RAPTOR pod is only integrated on Tornado and although there are plans to fit it to Typhoon which would close the gap, these are not concrete as yet. High alpha performance is similar, with both aircraft limited by their air intake placement and lack of thrust vectoring although Typhoon’s intakes can at least ‘gape’ slightly to increase airflow at high Alpha and low speeds. Comparison of Eurofighter Typhoon (EF2000) and Dassault Rafale Direct side-by-side comparison of two aircraft. The Top Ten fictional aircraft is a fascinating read, as is The Strange Story of The Planet Satellite. The advantages in maturity for Rafale are more to do with failures in the Eurofighter consortium to invest and coordinate upgrades in the way that Dassault and the French government have managed, than any inherent limitation in the Typhoon itself. In passive terms, Typhoon actually has the edge following the UK-led DASS upgrade programme. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Also, the Typhoon’s EJ200 engines are the most reliable military jet engines ever fielded by any air force and their uniquely low maintenance, replacement and bug-fixing requirements help to lower Typhoon’s maintenance costs significantly. It also has a significantly higher service ceiling of over 60,000ft which allows it to operate uniquely well alongside the US F-22 Raptors ‘high and fast’ in the air superiority role which is exactly where it was designed to excel. The Eurofighter Typhoon had been offered at a total cost of €17.5 billion for 126 fighters, or €138 million per plane. Rafale also features serrated panel edges across the airframe, a feature originally developed for the SR-71. Rafale on the other hand is like they say a true “omni-role” fighter it has better air to ground attack capabilities than the Typhoon and … The Rafale is most certainly the better strike aircraft thanks to its payload, while the Typhoon is the better A2A platform thanks to its larger radar. BY DECADE. In terms of the gun, both aircraft have highly effective aerial guns with heavy explosive shells and good instant firing rates. The gold in Rafale’s canopy also reduces radar reflections. However, against large numbers of targets at different ranges/altitudes and certainly in a ground-scanning role, the Rafale is currently ahead on radar capabilities. This fighter must also have a carrier variant. Why the Spitfire’s place in history should be challenged, DECLASSIFIED: Spying at Mach 3+: our Interview with SR-71 Blackbird pilot reveals how US lured North Korea to shoot missiles, The best made military propaganda film: Wehrhafte Schweiz (1964) features incredible flying footage, I was the first foreign pilot to fly the Mach 2.8 MiG-31 interceptor, here’s my story: By Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd), We don’t need no edgy ejection: Interview with man who ejected from a Harrier and played on a Pink Floyd album, Eurofighter Typhoon versus Dassault Rafale video: Part 1. It is a bit biased to say “The Typhoon currently lacks this BUT it will have it by 2020 and it will be WAYYY better than the Rafale’s so +1 Typhoon whoo!”, The Strange Story of The Planet Satellite, Why the Spitfire’s place in history should be challenged | Hush-Kit, Su-35 versus Typhoon: Analysis from RUSI’s Justin Bronk | Hush-Kit, Typhoon Vs Rafale Youtube | Augustgriffin, Avrupa Semalarında iki Rakip Typhoon & Rafale | DefenceTurk, 10 exotic cancelled fighter planes from countries you didn’t expect | Hush-Kit. Di sisi lain, pesaing dari Eropa, yakni Rafale telah memenangkan pesanan ekspor dari India (36), Mesir (24) dan Qatar (36) – total 96 jet … Want something more bizarre? Its phenomenal sensitivity caused problems during the first decade of service due to the sheer number of false positive returns but now that processing power has caught up enough to allow the sensitivity to be properly exploited for extremely long range detection of fighter sized targets, including stealth targets, it is becoming one of Typhoon’s strongest advantages in the air superiority arena. Tags Dassault Rafale Eurofighter Typhoon Eurofighter Typhoon vs Dassault Rafale, IAF F-16I “Sufa” – Author :משתמש:נחמיה ג via wikimedia Top Aces is reportedly to buy …, This is just taken from my site hushkit.net without attribution or permission or even a link to hushkit.net, Where did you find that Rafale rate of climb is 250m/s ??? Currently, three European fighters of the “4” generation are looking for a place under the sun in the arms market: the French Rafale, a joint product of Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain – EF-2000 Eurofighter and Swedish JAS-39 “Gripen”. 3 Gripen vs 1 Typhoon is one-sided. Even if Typhoon had SPECTRA, the RAF would not have sent it into Libya before the US air defence suppression had been carried out. Far from it, in fact; the Gripen’s performance, as with almost all 4th Gen. aircraft, is remarkably similar and with upgrade to avionics can prove extremely capable in terms of performance. eurofighter typhoon. The EJ200 is not only phenomenally reliable but it also has very significant thrust growth potential (easily 20-30%) according to Eurojet. The solid well-researched information about aeroplanes is brilliantly combined with an irreverent attitude and real insight into the dangerous romantic world of combat aircraft. The bitter dogfight that has taken place in the political arena over the Rafale jet fighter has managed to obscure several important factors why the Indian Air Force (IAF) selected the French jet. A hypothetical air force which operated both types, whilst that would be expensive, would enjoy phenomenal complementary capabilities and would arguably be stronger than a similarly sized force comprised only of one type. The leaked evaluation report from the Swiss fighter contest of 2008/09 put the Rafale ahead of Typhoon in almost every category tested, what do you make of this? 10 years we ear that typhoon is the best and nothing to proove it… except take spank after spank in exercice against other air force… and systematicly behind rafale in each technical evaluation… it start to be very boring such kind of false umble propaganda article.. Any fighter evaluation depends on the details of the assessment criteria for each exercise and without seeing those, I cannot possibly speculate. Radar is a sensitive and highly restricted topic for open source discussion… however, in very broad terms CAPTOR-M which is the current radar on Typhoon is the most advanced and capable mechanically scanned fighter radar in service around the world. When the RAFALE program was launched, the Armée de l’Air and the Marine Nationale published a joint requirement for a balanced multirole aircraft that would be able to replace seven types of combat aircraft then in use. At the moment our contributors do not receive any payment but we’re hoping to reward them for their fascinating stories in the future. It is important to remember, however, that both fighters use a post-sensor picture fusing approach to streamline information for the pilot, rather than the much more complex approach being pursued by the F-35 development programme where all sensors feed into a single process which analyses, contrasts and compares them before presenting a single, processed picture to the pilot. HOME. A good analysis but in it you mostly provide details about the Typhoon’s future enhancements and not much regarding the Rafale. The Death of European fighters, full story here. However, what I said was that it is not credible past around 20km which is due to the fact that as a light missile with large fins and a modest but very fast burning motor compared to something like AIM-120C, it maintains energy to manoeuvre against agile targets poorly beyond that range. ‘Typhoon’s EJ200 engines are the most reliable military jet engines ever fielded by any air force’ Typhoon is the faster aircraft and has a significantly superior thrust-to-weight ratio which gives it better acceleration at all altitudes. The Hammer AASM has proven highly effective and accurate, with good range for a bomb adaptor kit although it is expensive compared to alternatives. Additionally, the Typhoon is aeronautically more unstable than the Rafale. The plane is going to turn (pitch) faster than the Rafale. But it is definitely greater than 20km… In fact, it has two variants : The MICA-IR (infrared guidance) for short engagements and the MICA-EM (electromagnetic guidance) for BVR engagements.