The project ACIIS – Academy for creative, innovative and inclusive schools intends to set up a network of teacher trainers at pre-service and in-service level together with schools to promote innovative teaching methods which use drama techniques and drama digital tools as a means to include children with differences within the school and support their education and development. Providers of initial teacher education and providers of continuing professional development will train student teachers and in-service teachers. They will engage school teams in designing and trying out teaching strategies and innovative digital drama tools, while schools will give feedback and help to develop effective forms of virtual, in life and blended trainings for teaching languages, humanities and science in inclusive education.   ACIIS project will: 87 teachers from school lab teams at Pilot training courses, and 81 teachers – newcomers at International training courses who will then incorporate new teaching strategies and ICT drama tools into their teaching practice. Train 75 teacher trainers who will then incorporate the innovative pedagogies into their training courses and lead same training with up to 1.125 teachers during the lifetime of the project. ACIIS will carry out three innovation camps where teachers, students, professors, school leaders and representatives from public authorities will work together on defined challenges of inclusive education. Generated concepts will be used for developing drama ICT tools and other teaching resources. Furthermore, ACIIS will organize 11 Fairs of creative teaching ides in order to share good practice and enthuse more teachers about using ACIIS strategies and tools for 495 educational stakeholders. Finally, ACIIS plans to prepare policy brief including recommendations for educational policy change, which will be shared at 4 Round table discussions and final event across Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.   ACIIS – Academy for Creative, Innovative and Inclusive Schools   NEWSLETTER / Volume 1 WHAT? The Erasmus+ Teacher Academies project ACIIS was designed with the aim of encouraging creative, innovative and inclusive schools. The project started in June 2023, it will last until June 2026 and has been funded with support from the European Commission ( WHAT TO EXPECT? You can expect creative training courses (drama in language, science, and humanities), various drama workshops and stimulating lectures, national fairs of creative ideas, innovation camps, new digital tools, a lot of drama, positive atmosphere and so much more.  WHO?  The coordinator of the project is Društvo ustvarjalcev Taka Tuka – Veronika Gaber Korbar, Valentina Korbar and Katarina Picelj ( from Slovenia and partners in the project are organizations (public authorities, educational organizations, from elementary schools to universities, and art associations) from 5 European countries:   Austria
  • University College of Teacher Education, Vienna (Alexander Hoffelner, Elena Revyakina, Rolf Laven and Wilfried Swoboda)
  • Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Učiteljski fakultet (Katarina Aladrović Slovaček, Lidija Cvikić and Maša Rimac Jurinović)  
  • Teatar Tirena (Ines Škuflić-Horvat and Maja Sviben)  
  • Škola za odgoj i obrazovanje, Pula (Hrvoje Bogojević) Italy
  • Istituto comprensivo W. A. Mozart (Margherita Savona)   Poland 
  • INNOCAMP PL (dr Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski)
  • Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za kulturne dejavnosti (Jan Pirnat i Tomaž Simetinger)  
  • Univerza v Ljubljani (Nina Kristl)  
  • Univerza na Primorskem, Pedagoška fakulteta (Irina Lešnik Jeras)  
  • Zavod sv. Stanislava (Nataša Hanuna)   If you want to learn more about us, visit the WHY? We strongly believe that schools should be:
  • places of creative teaching and learning
  • places where innovative ways of mastering numerous contents such as languages, science and humanities are introduced, tried out and implemented 
  • places where every child can be happy and progress in accordance with their capabilities.
WHEN? During the three-year period of the project, we will organize numerous activities you don’t want to miss.  Therefore, follow us and