PUNC (Professional UNcertainty Competence) project is to fill the competence gap of handling uncertainty productively.

Uncertainty can challenge our well-being, decision-making, and professional performance. But it can also be a source of creativity, innovation, and opportunity, if we embrace it and use it productively.

That is the goal of the PUNC (Professional UNcertainty Competence) project, a 3-year Erasmus+ initiative that aims to fill the competence gap of handling uncertainty productively among educators and learners. The project involves six partner institutions from Denmark, Finland, Poland, Portugal, and the UK. They share a vision of preparing a future-oriented generation of professionals who can tackle the changing realities of the post-academic life with resilience and collaborative creativity.

The PUNC project is an exciting and timely opportunity for educators and learners to enhance their competencies and to become more adaptable, confident, and creative professionals in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.


PUNC (ug.edu.pl)